handknit wool mitts


100% wool mitts | handknit of handspun yarn | dyed with natural dyes

To find your size, measure around your knuckles with your fingers held together.

Small: fits hand circumference 6 1/2″-7″

Medium: fits hand circumference 7 1/2″

Large: fits hand circumference 8″-8 1/2″

Select options$29.00
Select options$29.00
Select options$29.00


“Cold hands, warm heart,” so the saying goes. Keep both your heart and your hands warm with these handcrafted mitts made by members of Kullvi Whims women’s self-help group. After hand spinning wool yarn at home, the women gather natural dye materials from the orchards, fields, and jungles surrounding their villages. They work together to dye the yarns, and then knit following their own whims to combine colors and motifs. From their hands to yours, these mitts embrace the spirit of camaraderie that comes from working together.

Care Instructions: Wash by hand in cool water with a mild soap (we recommend Kandvari Natural Laundry Detergent). Lay flat to dry in a shady spot (not in direct sunlight).

  2 comments for “handknit wool mitts

  1. Linda Cloud
    November 29, 2021 at 9:18 pm

    I bought some of the mitts and love them. I wear them out in my garden, when feeding my chickens, and when I ride my bike. I live in Northern California so it’s not super cold here but if it is a cold morning, I’ll put some thin stretchy fingered gloves underneath. I don’t go anywhere without my Aana Jaana mitts and hat this time of year.

  2. Leah Hartman
    December 2, 2021 at 5:29 pm

    These are great, I wear them all the time. They really are perfect for biking and the green and yellow design I got is cute. I usually go for “glittens” instead of full-on fingerless mitts, but I like that these don’t have parts that get stuck on anything. Very snug and practical

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