handknit wool slippers


100% wool slippers | handknit of handspun yarn | dyed with natural dyes

These slippers are designed to fit snugly and stretch to fit a wide range of sizes. Select your size below to see the color combinations available. Each pair is one of a kind!

small: US Women’s 6-7

medium: US Women’s 8-9/ US Men’s 6-7

large: US Women’s 10-12/ US Men’s 8-10

extra large: US Men’s 11-12

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Select options$29.00
Select options$29.00
Select options$29.00


In Himachal, knit slippers known as mojari are a must for keeping feet warm around the home. Extra mojari are even kept on hand to give to guests. These mojari are handmade by members of Kullvi Whims women’s self-help group from 100% wool. After hand spinning yarn at home, the women gather natural dye materials from the orchards, fields, and jungles surrounding their villages. They work together to dye the yarns, and then knit following their own whims to combine colors and motifs. The result is a unique accessory that embodies the rugged landscape and warm hospitality of Himachal.

Care Instructions: Wash by hand in cool water with a mild soap (we recommend Kandvari Natural Laundry Detergent). Lay flat to dry in a shady spot (not in direct sunlight).

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  1. Leah Hartman
    December 2, 2021 at 5:32 pm

    I sent a pair of these to my mom last winter and she loves them! Very cute and cozy, perfect for their wood floors

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