wool ornaments


Show your love for wool with one of these heart ornaments. Approximately 1″ square in size. Made from a shepherd’s camping blanket, they can be used for outdoor decor in all weather.



These adorable little hearts are made from scraps of material left over after creating my other housewares out of pattu, a thick woolen cloth that behaves like felt. I love pattu so much, I can’t bear to see a bit of it go to waste, so I’m showing my love with these heart ornaments! Pattu is a durable cloth used by Himalayan shepherds in Himachal Pradesh, India to make blankets, jackets, and caps. It’s designed for all weather, so you can use these ornaments indoors or outdoors. The material is easily pierced by a needle, so you can also string them horizontally to make garlands, embellish a wreath, etc.

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