Shop Migration to Etsy

The sheep are migrating, and so is the shop–I’m slowly moving our product listings over to Etsy. It’ll take a bit of time to get everything set up there, so in the meantime if you browse the Etsy shop and don’t see what you’re looking for, feel free to drop me a line and I’ll…

Centre for Pastoralism Panel

I was honored to be included in this panel hosted by the Centre for Pastoralism, discussing various aspects of working with indigenous wools and wool crafts of India. Very much looking forward to continued collaborations with the folks here and in the broader “desi oon” community!

Costing Considerations 2: What’s a Fair Wage?

One of my goals during my last trip to Himachal was to better understand the economics of wool production in the region. I suspected that just as locals tend to describe herding as an occupation that people do only if they can’t do anything else, the going rates for wool products would undervalue the skilled…

Unruly Edges in Pattu Selvages

I am obsessed with selvages. As a novice weaver, I devote a lot of energy to achieving a consistent edge to my work. Of course, as with so many things in textiles (and life), the more I worry over them, the worse my selvages come out. Case in point: a selvage from my first weaving…

New Video: Pattu

How do shepherds survive in the forests of the Himalayas? With resilience, skill, and handmade woolen cloth. Watch to learn more about the making and use of pattu: